I am currently working as an online session guitarist on a lot of terrific original songs (forty plus currently!..) written by the immensely talented songwriter/mix engineer Dave Kelly of the Baltimore band ‘Passionfix’ in the US. They already have multiple albums to their credit and we have been working together towards their next album release later this year (more news on that very soon)

Their music is refreshingly original and deeply thoughtful, whilst being totally accessible, so I strongly encourage you to check out their past releases on their website here:


Here’s one of the recent tracks I recorded remotely with Passionfix called ‘Dead of Night’ written by Dave Kelly with vocals by Kelly Secret and bass by Mike Kearney. It has a lovely bluesy feel to it and was great fun to play on.

My grateful thanks to Dave Kelly for his kind permission to let me feature the track here on the website. I hope to be adding more material from ‘Passionfix’ in the coming weeks and months.