TonexHere’s a recently recorded track where I used Tonex for all the guitar sounds. If you haven’t come across Tonex as yet, it’s a software amp modelling system available in either plugin or hardware (pedal) format from IKMultimedia. The amp tones are really good and in the case of this track, gave me the opportunity to mix and blend some great vintage amp tones. I used some Fender and Vox amp captures mostly for this particular track. 

For recording guitar players or online session guitarists like myself the Tonex platform is great to work with and the choice of amplifiers is quite staggering! 

There are several versions of the Tonex software available and one is free too! You can find out more about Tonex here:

Here is the full track, reproduced here with kind permission of Dave Kelly who also wrote and mixed the song. The band is ‘Passionfix’ and I have been collaborating with Dave and the band for several months now, recording nearly fifty tracks! They also have a new album coming out later this month and I’ll be posting full details and streaming/download links here when I have them.