Learn jazz guitar and the art of improvisation with Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons. Study the jazz language in detail, plus the great standards as well as modal and contemporary compositions. I cover both Bebop/Hard Bop style Jazz as well as modern Fusion/Jazz-Rock styles.

Many guitar players find Jazz a daunting style to learn, however in these lessons you will learn how to improvise fluently, accompany other musicians and also play solo chord arrangements. You can study from any country and without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Skype video calls are completely free and all you need to begin studying jazz guitar online is your guitar, a webcam and a stable broadband connection. It may be helpful to also have the means to play along with an MP3 backing track, although this isn’t essential.

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons are either weekly or fortnightly. I can also use Zoom video software if you prefer that platform. I conduct all my Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons in a friendly and very supportive manner as that’s the way I believe students progress the best.

Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons - Overview


My jazz guitar lessons are designed to help you develop quickly and within a proven and effective program of musical study. It is however very important that you practice the lesson material on a daily basis for at least an hour and preferably more. We can of course discuss a practice routine and also how to prioritise your most important musical goals.

All Skype jazz guitar lessons are of one hour’s duration and are fully supported by clearly notated PDF notes and MP3 backing tracks. I also offer email support (between lessons) if you have any questions relating directly to the lesson material we’ve discussed.

All jazz guitar lessons can also now be recorded and delivered to you (on Skype) within a few seconds after the lesson has finished as an MP4 video file for future reference.

Unfortunately, I don’t teach complete beginners currently, so some prior knowledge of at least basic chord forms, scales and arpeggios would certainly be advisable for you to gain the maximum benefit from these lessons.

You will need a stable broadband internet connection for our Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons and the free Skype software to connect with me. Once you have signed up for a lesson (or a package of Skype jazz guitar lessons) we will exchange Skype contact details in advance of the first session. I can also use Zoom software if you prefer this.

All you need for the lesson itself is your guitar and preferably some form of amplification. You may wish to have the capability to play along to MP3 audio backing tracks which I will supply for you.

I also respectfully request that students firmly commit to either weekly or fortnightly lessons if they are on a (discounted) package deal.

Please do also read the full terms and conditions for my Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons in the PDF located in this link: 

Skype and Online Teaching Terms and Conditions – 2023



Sample Study Areas - Jazz Guitar Lessons

Linear Improvisation and Vocabulary
Chordal Development

This is a core subject within my skype jazz guitar tuition and you will study chord scales, bebop scales, use of arpeggios, approach notes and idiomatic single-line vocabulary amongst many other topics.

As a harmonic instrument, the guitar has almost endless possibilities within jazz and you will study common 3 & 4 note chord voicings, triadic comping, plus using extensions and alterations and modal voicings.

Jazz Rhythm & Time-Feel
Voice Leading and Substitutions

Free Guitar LessonsAn often over-looked practice/subject area is jazz rhythm and time-feel. I’ll help you fully understand and apply ‘swing-feel’ and various rhythmic subdivisions into your playing. Another core subject I cover in my jazz guitar lessons.

Chord substitution can seem rather a mysterious art at first, but with careful study, you can soon be adding rich & well voiced chord substitutions into your playing. 

Levels of Study - Jazz Guitar Lessons

In the three level sections seen below, I have listed some of the more common subject areas in my jazz guitar lessons that I teach at three student levels: Level One (Beginner) Level two (Intermediate) and Level Three (Advanced)

These subject areas are merely offered as indicative content and not as a complete representation of the material I may cover in lessons. Please do feel free to contact me if you are interested in Skype Jazz Guitar Lessons, but not sure what level you might be at the moment. I am happy to answer any questions you might have on the lessons.

I also generally ask all potential new students to send me a short audio/video performance of your playing. This needn’t be more than a couple of minutes long, but must demonstrate some chord work and single-line playing (either improvised or from a transcription) You can also send me links to a YouTube or Soundcloud channel if you have recordings there. 

Level One Skype jazz guitar lessons topics may include:

Easy Jazz Standards
The II V I progressions
Drop 2 and 3 chord forms
Jazz rhythm and time-feel
Basic scales and arpeggios
Chord melody essentials
Learning songs
Learning the fingerboard
Jazz blues progressions
Chord extensions and alterations
Understanding Jazz chord symbols
Guide tone playing
Basics of chord substitution
Chord/Scale theory

Level two Skype jazz guitar lessons topics may include:

More Jazz Standards
Turnarounds and Cycles
More extended and altered chords
Time-feel, swing and groove
Symmetrical scales
Approach notes and chromatics
Jazz language and vocabulary
Using modes correctly
The Bebop scales
Pentatonic scales in Jazz
Fixed note groupings
Solo guitar and chord melody playing
Chord on chord substitutions
Quartal Harmony

Level Three Skype jazz guitar lessons topics may include:

Advanced Jazz Repertoire
Coltrane Cycles
Modern voicings for the II V I
Triads over Bass Notes
Advanced rhythmic concepts
Alternative scales for improvisation
Transcription analysis
Using motifs in soloing
Advanced chord melody playing
Using clusters and set intervals
Advanced chord substitution
Triad pairs and hexatonics
Transcription analysis/projects

Skype Lesson Pricing 2023


One-Off Lesson
£ 50
per lesson
  • 1 hour Skype or Zoom Lesson
  • Includes PDFs and Backing Tracks
  • Video Recording of Lesson
  • No long term commitment


Most Popular
£ 300
10 x 1hr Lessons
  • 10 1hr Skype or Zoom Lessons
  • Includes PDFs and Backing Tracks
  • Video Recording of Lessons
  • Unlimited e-mail support


£ 999
40 x 1hr Lessons
  • 40 1hr Skype or Zoom Lessons
  • Includes PDFs and Backing Tracks
  • Video Recording of Lessons
  • Unlimited e-mail support

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