Some weeks ago I came across a new (and free) software amp modeler called NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) It has been designed by a chap called Steven Atkinson who I have to say has done an amazing job. In basic terms, the software enables you to capture authentic sounding replications of any real world guitar or bass amplifiers and then use them for recording or re-amping purposes.

For recording guitar players or online session guitar players like myself the Neural Amp Modeler really offers the opportunity to get some great (and authentic) guitar sounds. It also means that you don’t have to own or carry about multiple vintage valve amps!

I’m not technically minded enough to describe the process involved within the software, but suffice to say it can capture the tones of pretty much any guitar or bass amplifier you throw at it. There are of course other software amp modelers that use captures, but in my estimation NAM is one of the very best. I’ll be posting some audio and video clips up here soon to demonstrate what it can do.

If the name Neural Amp Modeler and the amp modeling concept are new to you, then I highly recommend checking out the software by following the various links below:

You won’t be disappointed!